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mens weight loss pack

mens weight loss pack

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Get back in the game our MEN'S WEIGHT LOSS & VITALITY KIT! If your feeling sluggish, struggling to drop weight or looking to revitalize your vitality then you have found the right product! Our exclusive weight loss and vitality kit is a combination of 3 products. Working synergistically together to amplify weight loss, increase daily energy and promote youthful vitality. The 3 products that make up this kit are BURN, TOTAL TEST & VASO'D.

Product Breakdown:

BURN is formulated to give you a phenomenal thermogenic effect, suppress your appetite, and keep your mind and mood elevated to their maximum potential. Increasing your bodies ability to shred off unwanted body fat and amplifing your daily energy.

TOTAL TEST is a potent lean test booster that combines herbal extracts with well-studied natural ingredients that have been shown to support testosterone levels. The perfect product for anyone looking to get back to their prime!

VASO'D is a high quality nitric oxide supplement that has a varity of beneficial effects. Nitric oxide supplements help to increase blood flow, which in turn results in a number of benefits. Increased blood flow helps with oxygen and nutrient delivery through the bloodstream. This aids in overall energy and endurance. Increased blow flow can also help combat E.D. and enhance overall vitality in men.

Like every product from Optimal Nutrition you will receive a full guide on how to take each product along with access to a trained consultant to answer questions!


Mane Brain is perfect for anyone who needs to enhance their focus and cognition. Working professionals, athletes, competitors, and students use Mane Brain for an extra mental edge. 

Organic Lion’s Mane 

Magnum Mane Brain’s Organic Lion’s Mane has powerful nootropic benefits because of its link to Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) that is essential for the growth and survival of neurons and axons.

Alpha GPC

Magnum Mane Brain’s inclusion of Alpha GPC provides an immediate increase in acetylcholine ready to enhance neuroplasticity, resulting in better cognitive function and memory.

Bacopa Monnieri 

Magnum Mane Brain’s addition of Bacopa Monnieri is a known memory enhancer that has been clinically proven to make learning faster and has been shown to relieve anxiety and reduce the negative effects of stress.

How to use

Take two capsules daily, avoid taking at bedtime.


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