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Quattro is designed for active men and women who want clean, high-quality protein in delicious flavours that are smooth and enjoyable to drink.

4 Protein Isolates
Magnum Quattro is formulated with 4 pure protein isolates. Isolates are the highest-quality protein sources available, filtered to remove as much fat, lactose, and other non-protein constituents as possible.

Time-Release Blend
Magnum Quattro supplies the maximum amount of fast-releasing isolates your body can use per hour and supports that with slow-release sources to trickle amino acids into your bloodstream over the next 6 hours.

Formulated For Everyone
Magnum Quattro’s formula is gluten-free, peanut-free, dye-free, and perfect for those with lactose sensitivities. We guarantee zero gas or bloating.


Mane Brain is perfect for anyone who needs to enhance their focus and cognition. Working professionals, athletes, competitors, and students use Mane Brain for an extra mental edge. 

Organic Lion’s Mane 

Magnum Mane Brain’s Organic Lion’s Mane has powerful nootropic benefits because of its link to Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) that is essential for the growth and survival of neurons and axons.

Alpha GPC

Magnum Mane Brain’s inclusion of Alpha GPC provides an immediate increase in acetylcholine ready to enhance neuroplasticity, resulting in better cognitive function and memory.

Bacopa Monnieri 

Magnum Mane Brain’s addition of Bacopa Monnieri is a known memory enhancer that has been clinically proven to make learning faster and has been shown to relieve anxiety and reduce the negative effects of stress.

How to use

Take two capsules daily, avoid taking at bedtime.


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