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optimal toning pack

optimal toning pack

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Amino Trim Flavor

The Optimal Toning Pack is for anyone looking to tone up and support an overall healthy lifestyle. Also if your looking for a weight loss product that won't make you jittery this is the perfect option. None of the products in the pack contain any caffiene or other stimulants that will give you that jittery, sick to your stomach feeling! This pack contains 3 products AMINO TRIM to help boost metabolism and support hydration. OMEGA LEAN to help with overall toning and healthy lifestyle support and PURE AND LEAN to help support gut health and night time metabolism.

AMINO TRIM is a non-stimulant thermogenic activating amino acid powder that features unique combination of l-carnitine, paradoxine, and progbb to support a healthy metabolism alongside essential amino acids and key electrolytes to boost recovery & hydration.

Pure & Lean is a gentle nighttime cleanse that will help purify the body of unwanted toxins. Sleep is extremely important for regulating hormone levels, metabolism, and cortisol levels.

Omega Lean features a unique combination of healthy omegas and fatty acids that are designed to help support a healthy metabolism. Due to the ingredient uptake and metabolism support benefits, Omega Lean is a perfect product to take every day.


Mane Brain is perfect for anyone who needs to enhance their focus and cognition. Working professionals, athletes, competitors, and students use Mane Brain for an extra mental edge. 

Organic Lion’s Mane 

Magnum Mane Brain’s Organic Lion’s Mane has powerful nootropic benefits because of its link to Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) that is essential for the growth and survival of neurons and axons.

Alpha GPC

Magnum Mane Brain’s inclusion of Alpha GPC provides an immediate increase in acetylcholine ready to enhance neuroplasticity, resulting in better cognitive function and memory.

Bacopa Monnieri 

Magnum Mane Brain’s addition of Bacopa Monnieri is a known memory enhancer that has been clinically proven to make learning faster and has been shown to relieve anxiety and reduce the negative effects of stress.

How to use

Take two capsules daily, avoid taking at bedtime.


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